3-Month Writing Circles

from kn literary arts

Small-group book coaching 

to help you meet your writing goals and

finish your book!

"I now have the courage to finish my book and

consider publishing it. I'm profoundly grateful." 

Katherine, Spring 2019 Circle Participant

The help you need to 

finish your book.

Let's face it: Writing a book is a big deal.


It takes time and dedication. You have to shuffle schedules and set aside priorities. Then you have to actually sit down and write the darn thing! Is anyone else out there trying to do this crazy thing, too? 


It can feel like a black box at times. You have the dream, but you don't have the insider info. How do you even know if you're on the right track? Getting specific advice from a book editor would be such a relief.


You also don't want to overspend. You know you're going to need an editor down the line, so you don't want to blow your budget now--when you haven't even written it yet! 

You asked, and we listened! We built our 3-Month Writing Circles just for you: the aspiring author who is at the writing stage of the book journey. Writing support, Q+A, and a peer group to hold you accountable, at less than half the cost of our one-on-one coaching packages.


Let's finish what you've started. Or start what you know you need to finish. Wherever you are on the book journey, we've got the right circle for you.


You don't have to do this alone!

​Our 12-Week Writing Circle might be right for you if...


  • You Have A Book Dream

    You've known you needed to write a book for years.

    It's good for your business, your heart, your art--or all three. And, you're going to need help getting it finished.

  • You've Always Been a Writer

    Writing is something you love to do. You journal all the time, but you know it isn’t a “book” yet. You need guidance, structure and focus. You need a coach. 

  • You Feel Overwhelmed

    You've written a ton, but you're in overwhelm. The book could go in a thousand different directions. You need help to pick the right book--and then get writing.

  • You Need Weekly Support

    Every time you say "I'm going to write this book,"

    something gets in the way. You know you need weekly accountability and support to get your book written.

  • You Thrive in Groups

    You are a social creature. Everything feels better

    with friends beside you, right? But you don't have any writer friends--not yet, anyway. (We'll introduce you!)

  • This Is Your Destiny

    There's no question: You are writing this thing. But you don't want it to take another 20 years. The world needs your wisdom, and the time is now. Let's go. 

If not now, when?

A recent survey found that 85% of respondents wanted to write a book.


Fact is, not very many of them will actually see their dream to completion. After decades in the book business, we know the formula for what actually works: 

  • Guidance from professionals who understand the book biz
  • A clear strategy for sticking to your writing goals
  • A deadline, which someone is holding you accountable for
  • Camaraderie with other writers who understand the journey and are cheering you on

Our 10-Week Writing Circle was designed with these elements in mind.

What You Can Look Forward To

Writing accountability, guidance and good company,

in an intimate group coaching format.


You'll join a committed circle of 6-8 writers at a similar stage in their writing process as you, with the same dreams and challenges. Most participants form friendships that continue well beyond the circle itself. Writer friends for life!


Writing an entire book without social accountability is like summiting Everest without oxygen. Sure, some people do it. But why make it harder on yourself? Your coach and your peers will be tracking your progress along with you, the whole way--making it far more likely you'll actually finish.


A professional, career book editor will guide your circle as you take the next step on your journey. You'll get one-on-one time plus group coaching from someone who truly cares about you and your book. How great will that be?


Unlike some groups that focus  on feedback and critique, our goal is to help you finish the task at hand: Complete a first draft or polish a second. We've found encouragement is the most important thing at this stage, so get ready for love bombs and high fives as you meet your goals. 


The secret to meeting your writing goals is having a deadline. That's why setting a specific deadline is the first thing you'll do in your circle. A specific goal plus social accountability is the jetpack you need to finish your book!


Your journey is totally unique, which is why you need one-on-one time with your coach. You'll start each month with a 30-minute coaching session, to set specific goals and ask questions. Then, you'll finish the program with an hour-long consultation, including an assessment of your work.

3-Month Writing Circle Includes...

  • Intro Coaching Session

    30-minute private coaching session with your circle's book coach to set your goals for the 10-week circle.

  • Monthly Private Coaching

    Two more 30-minute private coaching calls (one during week 5 and another during week 9) to clear blocks, answer questions and keep you on track!

  • LIVE Weekly

    Group Coaching 

    One-hour accountability check-in/Q+A call with your circle and your coach; a total of 10 live calls, one per week.

  • LIVE Weekly Writing Salon

    Weekly hour-long “writing salons" held via video where your circle will write together in real time. You're not alone!

  • Final Review 

    and Consult

    A final consultation with your coach, where your coach reviews your work before the call and then gives feedback and advice for your next step on the book journey!

Our 10-Week Writing Circle May Not Be For You If...


  • You Prefer Things 1:1

    This is a group coaching circle, where you'll be one of 6-8 writers. 

    If that's not your thing, one-on-one coaching might be a better fit.

  • You Need Feedback

    If you've finished a draft and are looking for an editorial assessment or in-depth feedback, our editing services are probably a better fit.

  • You Want a Retreat

    Our writing circles are designed to help you work writing into your everyday life. If on the other hand you want a writing getaway, visit our events page

  • Your Sched is Packed

    This circle is for those who are actively writing, and have 4-6 hours to devote per week. If that's not possible, you may want to wait.

  • Money Is Tight

    Our circles are far less expensive than 1:1 services, but they're still an investment. If money is tight, this may not be the right time.

  • You Need a Writer

    Be honest: Do you need writing accountability, or do you need a writing collaborator? If it's the latter, check out our writing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big will my circle be?

Will Kelly be my coach?

kn literary's founder Kelly Notaras has hand-picked the coach who leads our writing circles, but she is not coaching herself. That said, she will be with you in spirit, and will join the group live for a Q+A about halfway through the program.

Should I hire a book coach instead? 

Will my coach edit my work?

When does my circle begin and end?

Our upcoming circle will begin the week of November 18th and complete the week of Valentine's Day! 

What day/time will my circle meet?

While we may make adjustments, it's looking like Mondays and Thursdays 6-8pm Eastern/3-5pm Pacific.

How will I meet with my group?

What is your refund policy?

Can You Really Put a Price

on Finishing Your Book?

Apparently you can!




per month for 3 months




paid in full, up front (save $230!)

Let's Recap.

  • Weekly Group Coaching

  • Weekly Writing Salon

  • Monthly Private Coaching Session

  • Circle of Likeminded Writer-Friends